Pentagon leaks: Greece could be sending Leopard 2A6HELs tanks to Ukraine

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Greece is preparing to supply five Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine, Forbes reported, citing the documents that a US Air National Guard leaked to the internet.

It is recalled that Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said in January that no Greek tank would be transferred to to Ukraine, saying that the 1,300 tanks in Greece's possession are “absolutely necessary for defence posture,” an obvious reference to Turkey which is making claims to the Aegean Islands.

For his part, Defence Minister Nikolaos Panayiotopoulos in April reiterated opposition to donating any tanks to Ukraine, suggesting that the Mitsotakis government backtracked in face of major backlash in Greece.

As Forbes noted, "among Greece’s 350 Leopard 2s are some of the newest and best Leopard 2s in Europe: long-gun A6HEL models."

Ukraine is looking to strengthen its military capabilities with the acquisition of ex-Greek Leopard 2A6HELs. This move comes as part of the country's efforts to modernise its armed forces after losing significant territory to Russian forces.

The Leopard 2A6HELs are an advanced main battle tank that has been used by the Greek Army since 2002. It is equipped with the latest technology, including an advanced fire control system, thermal imaging sights, and advanced armor protection.

The Leopard 2A6HELs are equipped with a 120mm smoothbore gun, which is capable of firing a variety of rounds, including high-explosive anti-tank (HEAT) rounds. The tank is also equipped with an advanced fire control system, which allows the crew to accurately target enemy tanks at long ranges.

Strengthening Ukraine’s military capabilities is an important goal for the country, as it faces a number of security threats from its eastern neighbor, Russia. In recent years, Russia has increased its military presence in the region, and has taken steps to incorporate many Ukrainian regions.

Ukraine has taken a number of steps to strengthen its military capabilities. It has increased its defence budget, and has invested in modernising its military equipment and training. It has also taken steps to increase its presence in the Black Sea region, which is a strategic area for the country.

Ukraine has also increased its cooperation with NATO, which has helped to increase its security capabilities. Ukraine has also increased its cooperation with other countries in the region, such as Moldova and Georgia.

The country has also taken steps to increase its presence in the cyber realm. It has invested in developing its cyber capabilities, and has increased its cooperation with other countries in the region.

This has helped to strengthen its cyber defence capabilities, and to better protect its networks from cyber threats.

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