New Democracy increases gap on SYRIZA on lead up to election: Marc poll

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The ruling New Democracy has extended its lead over main opposition party SYRIZA by 6 percentage points, according to a Marc poll aired on the main bulletin of ANT1. This is an increase from 5.2 at the beginning of April.

The polling company also recorded a marginal increase for the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) and the Far-Right party of Kassidiaris party. PASOK, Hellenic Solution, and MeRA25 recorded a slight decrease.

The poll findings showed ND dominates on all levels, beyond the electoral: the positive image of the government is at 45.4% from 43.6% at the beginning of April, while the prime minister registers a new rise in popularity, rising to 42.4% from 40.7%.

At the same time, on the question of which of the two governments – ND or SYRIZA – was the best, the ruling party leads with a difference of 12.5 points.

Alexis Tsipras also shows an increase in his popularity, appearing at 33.1%, however only 24% “see” a victory for SYRIZA in the May 21 elections.

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