MRB poll: New Democracy's 5.1% lead over SYRIZA in vote count

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The electoral predictions shortly before the crucial elections of May 21 were recorded by MRB poll in a survey carried out in April for OPEN television station. The survey records an opening of the gap in favour of New Democracy at 5.1%.

Specifically, the ruling party receives a percentage of 31.3% compared to SYRIZA's 26.2%, while PASOK is at 8.7%, KKE at 5.8%, Hellenic Solution at 3.2% and MeRA 25 at 3.4%.

All individual indicators show that the government is picking up the losses recorded after the Tempi train crash. This specific element is reflected in the intention to vote but also in the suitability for prime minister.

The difference between the two major parties amounts to 4.8 percentage points in the intention to vote:

  • New Democracy: 29.7% from 28% in the previous March measurement
  • SYRIZA: 24.9% from 24.7%
  • PASOK - Movement Change: 8.3% from 8%
  • KKE: 5.5% from 5.1%
  • MeRA25: 3.2% from 3.8%
  • Hellenic Solution: 3% from 4.6%
  • The undecided vote reaches 13%.

Regarding how the citizens answered who is the most suitable prime minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis received 37.4%, Alexis Tsipras 31.1% while nobody received 19.4%.

From the reduction to the whole, both in the scenario of the seven-party parliament and in the scenario of the six-party parliament, no "government of losers" scenario emerges (SYRIZA, PASOK, MeRA25).

Specifically, with the reduction to the total, the ND can approach 36.1%, SYRIZA 30.6%, PASOK 11%, KKE 7.3%, Hellenic Solution 4.4%, MERA 25 4.7% and the Greeks 5.6%.

With the scenario of the seven-party parliament, a coalition government does not emerge as the New Democracy collects 113 seats, SYRIZA 95, PASOK 32, KKE 21, Hellenic Solution 12 and MeRA 25 secures 12 seats.

With the six-party scenario, if the Supreme Court bans the "Greeks" party, ND gets 120 seats, SYRIZA 100, PASOK 33, KKE 22, MeRA25 13 and Hellenic Solution 12 seats. With these data, cooperation can only occur between New Democracy and PASOK.

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