France: Greek flight attendant was robbed and stabbed in the neck

Lille, France

The night outing of a Greek flight attendant in France almost turned into a tragedy last week.

The young flight attendant was for a few days in the city of Lille, which is located in the north of France, in order to serve charter flights to Greece. Her boyfriend was with her, while both were staying at the hotel booked for her by the company she works for.

The couple, that evening, went out to have fun and get a taste of the French city's vibrant nightlife with its large student population and stylish shops, bars and restaurants. Everything was going well until the time they decided to go back to the hotel as the next afternoon the flight attendant would fly to Athens.

According to Proto Thema, the couple returned to the hotel at dawn, around 03.00. A few tens of meters away from the building, two young men approached the stewardess with the intention of robbing her.

They had noticed her bag, which they tried to snatch by pulling it. The girl resisted as did her boyfriend who tried to protect her by stepping in the middle.

But at that moment another man suddenly appeared, older, brandishing a knife.

He moved threateningly towards the flight attendant and after first hitting and pushing her boyfriend, he stabbed her in the neck without any hesitation, took her bag and together with the other two perpetrators disappeared in an unknown direction.

The girl's boyfriend immediately notified the police and the young flight attendant was taken to a hospital in the French city where she had to undergo stitches. The response of the airline company she works for was also immediate, and they took care of her hospitalisation.

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