Elon Musk's mother is in Santorini with a Tesla and 8 bodyguards - Watch the video

elon musk, Maye Musk

The mother of billionaire Elon Musk, Maye, is in Santorini!

Specifically, Maye Musk is in Greece as part of the International Luxury Tourism Conference in the Cycladic island. The mother of the second richest man on the planet arrived at the event in a Tesla car and was escorted by 8 bodyguards.

Watch the interview:


The internationally renowned author and PhD in dietetics attended the discussion with the journalist and managing director of the organising company "Update Entertainment" Elli Spyropoulou. She explained her successful collaborating for 50+ years, with leading fashion houses and international brands.

During the interview, mentioned, among other things, the difficult divorce when she was 31 and her three children.

In particular, she said that her ex-husband had filed a lawsuit against her for custody of the children, because she was supposedly a bad mother. Musk, drawing laughter from the audience, said during that time that she visited Greece for the first time, with a model friend and her boyfriend.

During her stay she visited nine different islands, among which was Santorini. Musk commented very positively on the hospitality and kindness of the Greeks and expressed her love for the Greek islands.

May Musk is an author and has written the well-known book entitled "A woman makes a plan".

In addition, while she has a successful career as a model, she focused the interview by talking about her studies as a nutritionist and encouraged women to not only invest in external beauty but in their education and skills.

Finally, she pointed out that all she wishes for the rest of her life is joy and health for herself and her loved ones. The conference is under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism, the EOT, the International University of Greece, the University of the Aegean and PSSEA.

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