American YouTuber returned ecstatically to AEK: "The most beautiful stadium in the world" (VIDEO)

Emeka, AEK

For the second time in a few days, Emeka was at the AEK stadium and as he confessed it is "the most beautiful stadium in the world."

The American YouTuber, who has been in Greece for a few days now, had the best impressions of the "OPAP Arena". Emeka in a matter of days went to three stadiums in Greece - Toumba, Leoforos and  Opap Arena, but the one that won him in the end was that of AEK.


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In particular, Emeka was given a tour of AEK's home and was speechless. He went to the dressing room looking for his cousin... Mukudi, while when he came out on the pitch he couldn't believe his eyes and characteristically said: "The most beautiful pitch in the world".

The Youtuber did not leave the AEK stadium empty-handed because the team gave him a shirt with the number "21" and his name, with him saying that AEK is the best team in Greece and that he will always remember this.

Days earlier, the YouTuber was seen in well-known AEK fans hangouts in the area and talked with fans. They even gave him an AEK t-shirt as a gift.

Then he entered the "OPAP Arena", saying he has entered the best stadium in Greece.

In fact, referring to the Original banner at Gate 21, which read "Feel the terror", he pointed out that there was the Marseille logo on it, explaining how the fans have a good relationship.

He then asked the fans sitting near him to make a prediction about the score of the game.

Watch the video:

"Welcome to paradise!", an AEK fan told him.

"I finally got to go to the New OPAP stadium to watch the intense derby between AEK Athens and PAOK," he says in his video description.

"This game had some of the best atmospheres that I've ever seen. I did meet up with a friend, the owner of the bar Nea Vizantini Gonia where he treated me like family and gave me a fantastic shirt, and a beer, and gave me a tour of his AEK collection since he became a fan at a young age.

"This is a bar that you should visit whenever you are in the area. I then walked to the stadium and while at my section, met some cool guys that took me to their section to join them and watch the game. The final score was 4-0."

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