Despina Vandi deifies Vasilis Bisbikis in front of the barbecue - "Hello, my roaster"

By 5 months ago

Despina Vandi and Vasilis Bisbikis spent May Day together. The singer and the actor had fun, roasting and singing with Melina Nikolaidi with her partner, Alexandros Polychroniadis.

Through her TikTok profile, Vandi posted some videos from the party she had, probably at her home, with her friends.

This year Bisbikis took on the role of a roaster, whom Vandi deified in one of the clips she uploaded.

"Hello my roaster," said the singer to the actor, who is standing barefoot on the balcony of the house, smoking and smiling at her.

Watch the video:

In the rest of the videos she uploaded, Vandi seems to be enjoying the company of both her friends and her daughter, Melina, with dances and songs. Perched on the kitchen counter, she records those dancing and wishes her social media followers a "good month".

Watch the clips:

A little earlier, Vandi uploaded a photo of the whole group via Instagram , writing in the caption: "Good month guys!!! Love".

Her daughter posed smiling in the arms of her partner, Alexandros Polychroniadis, with whom she has been dating for some time now.

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