ChatGPT tells us the 10 best beaches in Greece: We didn't expect this list

Elafonisi, Crete beaches

With the temperatures rising, more and more of us are thinking about some nearby excursion in order to enjoy the sun and the sea, and naturally we have to ask ChatGPT for their top 10 beaches in Greece.

This has to be done since Greece is famous for its wonderful beaches. But which is the top of them all? Or to make it a little easier, what are the ten best?

To find the answer, Gazzetta asked ChatGPT and artificial intelligence to make the relevant list.

As much as we expected to find there some famous beaches like Porto Katsiki in Lefkada or Balos in Crete, in the end the results were completely different.

The ChatGPT top 10 included:

1. Arvanitia, Nafplio

Arvanitia, Nafplion

2. Super Paradise, Mykonos

Super Paradise, Mykonos

3. Shipwreck, Zakynthos

navagio beach zakynthos

4. Vourvourou, Halkidiki

Vourvourou, Halkidiki

5. Elafonisi, Crete

Elafonisi, Crete

6. Kolymbithres, Paros

Kolymbithres, Paros

7. Sarakiniko, Milos

Sarakiniko, Milos

8. Glyfada, Corfu

Glyfada, Corfu

9. Myrtos, Kefalonia

Myrtos, Kefalonia

10. Valtos, Parga

20 2

And here are the proofs:

5 9

6 8

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