Tatoi: The Mausoleum of the former royal family of Greece is restored

tatoi mausoleum

A separate plan for the restoration of the royal Mausoleum includes the restoration of the Tatoi Estate.

The study with the necessary work received the necessary positive opinion from the Central Council of Newer Monuments and was included in the work of the Ministry of Culture and Sports to preserve monuments of the former royal estate. It has a total budget of approximately 58,000,000 euros.

The royal Mausoleum houses the tombs of kings Constantine I, Sophia and Alexander.

It is a neo-Byzantine building from the interwar period and its construction began in 1936, immediately after the restoration of the monarchy. Its completion was interrupted by World War II.

The mausoleum has the form of a Byzantine cruciform inscribed church and is located in the immediate vicinity of the neo-Byzantine Church of the Resurrection, a work of the end of the 19th century, on the hill of Palaiokastro, following the same morphology.

All, the individual buildings of the former Royal Estate of Tatoi, were classified as monuments in 2003, when they, with their equipment, came under the ownership of the Greek state.

By the same decision, the central part of the estate was designated as a historical site. The Mausoleum is included in zone D3 of the estate which includes leisure, sports, education, agriculture, environmental and historical information activities.

"Our goal is the protection of the monument, its maintenance and aesthetic upgrading, while simultaneously completing those works, which were never completed, during the original planning," said the Minister of Culture and Sports Lina Mendoni.

"We are satisfied that the projects carried out in Tatoi, under the coordination and supervision of the competent services of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, are progressing smoothly, with guaranteed resources from the Recovery Fund and with absolute commitment to meeting the schedules we have set.

"In 2025, the historic core of the estate will be ready to be handed over to the citizens, offering them an important recreation and wellness centre in Attica, as well as museum infrastructures that tell a part of our country's recent history."

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