Giannis Rotas: The brother of Stathis Psaltis has passed away

Giannis Rotas, Stathis Psaltis

The brother of Stathis Psaltis, Giannis Rotas, passed away.

Spyros Bibilas announced the unpleasant news of his death through his personal Facebook account.

The president of SEH published a series of photos with Giannis Rotas and Stathis Psaltis and under them, announced his death.

In recent years, Rotas lived in the Athens Nursing Home. The causes have not been clarified.

In the caption of his post, Spyros Bibilas wrote: "We have just been informed by the Athens Nursing Home, where a few years ago we had moved our dear colleague and brother of Stathis Psaltis, Giannis Rotas, that he suddenly passed away.

"Our dear friend, suffering after the death of Stathis, lived in the last years in the Athens Nursing Home where he was taken care of... Have a good trip, our dear Giannis."

See the post:

Giannis Rotas, Stathis Psaltis

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