Eurovision 2023: Kaiti Garbi denounces Greece's 4 points for Cyprus: "They will take back our halloumi and Anna Vissi"

By 5 months ago

The four points (out of 12) Greece gave to Cyprus in the Eurovision final was a surprise and very controversial. This unjustifiable low score deprived Cyprus of a place in the top 10.

Greece's stance angered not only internet users but also Kaiti Garbi. In her post, the well-known singer denounced Greece's act, saying that "we deprived Cyprus of the ten points it really deserved because the Greek committee was not ashamed and gave four to Andrew Lambrou."

"Arrange with your nonsense there to continue like this and in the end let the Cypriots take back from us halloumi and the goddess Anna Vissi! #eurovisiongr".

See the post:

It is noted that, for the first time, Greece deprived Cyprus of the 12-pointer, which in previous years was considered a guarantee due to the fraternal ties of the two countries.

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