G20 Summit in Srinagar: A mega event that can dispel negative travel advisories on J-K

G20 Srinigar

The G20 Summit in Srinagar presents an enormous opportunity to boost Jammu and Kashmir’s cultural riches, tourism, and hospitality, BJP J-K spokesperson Altaf Thakur said.

BJP J-K spokesperson, Altaf Thakur, has hailed the upcoming G20 event as a tremendous chance to enhance Jammu and Kashmir’s vibrant culture, tourism potential, and long-standing hospitality.

This historic mega-event, taking place in Srinagar under India’s presidency for the first time, is set to showcase the beauty of Kashmir and its vast tourism possibilities on a global scale.

Thakur expressed optimism that the esteemed foreign guests attending the event will become ambassadors of peace, ultimately benefiting J-K’s tourism sector and helping dispel the negative travel advisories imposed by foreign countries.

Thakur emphasized that the people of Kashmir are eagerly preparing to extend a warm welcome to the foreign guests and dignitaries, showcasing their longstanding tradition of hospitality.

He also criticized PDP chief Mehbooba Mufti for opposing the G20 event, suggesting that her stance aligns with Pakistan’s interests and highlighting her perceived isolation from the people of J-K. Thakur expressed gratitude to Prime Minister Narendra Modi for choosing Kashmir as the host for the G20 event in Srinagar.

This highly anticipated G20 Summit in Srinagar holds great promise for Jammu and Kashmir, providing a unique platform to promote its rich cultural heritage, diverse hospitality, and abundant tourism potential. As the region eagerly awaits the arrival of distinguished guests, the event has the potential to bring about a positive transformation, paving the way for a brighter future for J-K’s tourism industry. 

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