Dimitris Psillakis - The Greek leading Mercedes' attack on Tesla

Dimitris Psillakis, Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz is preparing an all-out attack on the electric car market by presenting a series of models that will make a difference, as announced by Dimitris Psillakis.

In a large meeting that took place in the USA entitled "Beyond" and in which more than 350 representatives of the company from the USA and Canada participated, the company announced its new plans for the transition to electric mobility and to deal with Tesla.

The central figure of this new campaign that starts in America and will spread worldwide is Greek. Dimitris Psillakis, the CEO of Mercedes-Benz USA, is one of the central figures in shaping the company's image and strategy in the coming years.

As he told Automotive News, the company is in the middle of a "major transformation."

In this big meeting, Dimitris Psillakis told the company's representatives that new products in more popular categories will follow so as to increase the company's sales. In the US, he even estimates that they will rise from 5% to 10% for 2023, compared to 286,764 cars.

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One of those that is of particular interest to Europe, as well as to America, is the purely electric CLA. The model that will be the tip of the spear for the German company in the global market of purely electric models, is expected to be officially presented next year.

According to the information available so far, the model will have a range of up to 644 kilometres, while it will be slightly longer than the existing one (photos) available with internal combustion engines.

However, the fact that we are not talking about another model of the electric range of Mercedes is also impressive, since it is expected to keep its name.

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Also in 2024, perhaps a little later than the electric CLA, we should also expect the purely electric GLC - the model that will succeed the EQC, which probably means that the "EQ" code is abandoned by Mercedes-Benz.

For the specific, the information speaks of a greater aesthetic difference compared to the company's existing proposal.

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The range of the all-electric EQC will be close to 500 kilometers on a single charge. However, in addition to passenger sedans and crossovers, Mercedes-Benz also plans to electrify its range of professional models.

From the same sources of information, it appears that a luxury mid-size van that will be purely electric will follow in 2024, as well as a series of self-propelled vehicles.

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