Baloch National Movement South Korea holds protest against Pakistan's nuclear tests

Pakistan Balochistan

The Baloch National Movement (BNM) - South Korea Chapter on Sunday held a protest in Busan city to mark the 23rd anniversary of Pakistan's nuclear tests on Baloch land in the Chaghi region. The protest aimed to create awareness of the aftermath of the effect of the tests on the local residents and the environment, Baloch National Movement (BNM) said in the statement. The protesters distributed pamphlets to the people and informed them about the impacts of the nuclear tests and shouted slogans against Pakistan.

The protesters expressed concerns regarding the impacts of the nuclear tests in Korean and English. During the protests, Hafsa Baloch said, "Today, on behalf of BNM, we are protesting in Busan city against Pakistan's nuclear tests in Balochistan in 1998. The tests were conducted on May 28 and May 30 at Ras Koh Mountain in the Chaghi region." According to a statement released by BNM, Hafsa Baloch stated that the effects of the tests badly damaged the entire region. She further said, "After the tests, the entire region and surrounding areas remained radioactive for decades. Until today, people are facing deadly diseases and children are born with genetic diseases such as facial deformities, eye diseases, skin cancer and other health problems."

She stated that the soil, environment and ecosystem have been destroyed due to the radioactive contamination from the nuclear tests. She said that the land has been completely "deserted and ruined." According to the Baloch National Movement statement, Pakistan on May 28, 1998, carried out a series of nuclear tests in the Chaghi region without taking adequate measures to protect the safety and well-being of the local residents and the environment.

According to the statement, the tests caused widespread radioactive contamination and environmental degradation. The people of Chaghi and surrounding areas have suffered from deadly diseases and genetic disorders for decades. 

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