June 3, 1996 | 19-year-old soldier Stelios Panagi is assassinated by the Turks


On June 3, 1996, 19-year-old soldier Stelios Panagi falls from Turkish fire on the green line. He was the 7th national guard to be assassinated by the Turks on the Green Line after 1974.

Stelios Panagi was serving as a guard around 6:30 in the morning, and after an acquaintance with the Turk with guard duties on the occupied side, sought to exchange his military hat with him as he would be transferred to a different post a few days later. After Stelios entered the green line area and shouted “kardes” (brother in Turkish) at the Turkish soldier, shots were heard and Stelios was cold-bloodedly killed.

The United Nations blue helmets’ intervention was belated and the Turks continued to fire in the air. The unfortunate Stelios died after 25 minutes in the ambulance and his name was added to the list of murdered Greeks of Cyprus who were cold-bloodedly executed by the Turkish invaders.

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