Muslim extremists in Pakistan have stepped up their vicious campaign against Ahmadiyyas

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In the midst of all the crises, religious extremists in Pakistan have stepped up their vicious campaign against Ahmadiyyas across the country.

Systematic campaigns against Ahmadiyyas are being openly carried out across Pakistan, mostly in Punjab. These campaigns are often held with the complicity of the state. These acts of hatred and violence are not treated as crime and the guilty are never punished.

The Ahmadiyyas are 500,000 in number but cannot practise or preach Islam. They are considered worse than kafir or non-believers. The state punishes them if they are found calling themselves Muslims.

Their places of worship are defiled and their graves dug out across Pakistan. Punjab has seen the worst of the anti-Ahmadiyya crusade. On May 27-28, a major anti-Ahmadiyya organisation in Lahore, Shubban Khatm-e-NabuwatI, organised its annual congregation with more than 200 functionaries attending the function. The meeting was held at Al Hassan Islamic Centre’, Near Al Haram Garden Housing Society, near Baddoki Central Park, Ferozepur Road, Lahore. The centre is headed by Mufti Mohammad Hasan who has been leading a crusade against Ahmadiyyas.

The meeting witnessed directives to keep the Ahmadiyyas away from the community. It was decided to prohibit all business dealings with Ahmadiyyas. Members were asked to prepare a list of shops, offices, institutes, groups and even daily wagers of the ‘Qadiani’ community and then propagate the same at designated social media platforms (anonymously) to make Muslims aware of the presence of ‘Qadianis’ in their respective areas. These directives should be regularly broadcast through social media and other media groups.

Members were asked to keep close watch on funding activities of ‘Qadianis’ as a lot of this community members are receiving donations from abroad in different names for conversion activities. The meeting was told that during the 2022 floods, the Ahmadiyyas used donations to convince poor muslims to convert to Ahmadiyya beliefs.

Loud proclamations were made against the Qadianiyat. It was stated that it was nothing but evil and its founder Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was a ‘Satan’. The members were told that it was obligatory on the part of each of them to make these proclamations known throughout the community.

Members must also keep a hawk’s eye on the activities of ‘Qadianis’ and it must be ensured that any wrong-doer or their family members should not go unpunished.