Celebrating Pontiaki Estia's 47th Birthday Dance in Melbourne

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On a magical evening, Pontiaki Estia, the beloved cultural association, proudly celebrated its 47th Birthday Dance. This momentous occasion brought together distinguished guests and passionate community members, all gathering to honour the Pontian heritage and revel in the joyous festivities. The event was a testament to the unbreakable bonds and the enduring spirit of the Pontian diaspora.

Among our esteemed guests are individuals who hold significant positions within various organizations and have made remarkable contributions to the Pontian community. We extend our warmest welcome to the following:

  1. Petros Ratsikas - Representative of the Consulate General of Greece.
  2. Harry Navrozidis - President of the Pontian Brotherhood St. George,, WA.
  3. Agapios Filokosta - President of the Koukioton Association from Greece.
  4. Dean Kalimniou - Author of the book 'Soumela and the Magic Kementze.'
  5. Christina Despotaris - Representative of the George Devine Treleor Memorial Committee.
  6. Maria Anthony - President of Pontoxenitea Sydney.
  7. Nazareth Chisholm - President of the Pontian Brotherhood of SA.
  8. Representatives from Panagia Soumela Sydney.
  9. Litsa Athanasiadis - President of Merimna Pontion Kyrion.
  10. Con Tseprailidis - President of Pontaki Estia Melbourne.
  11. Serafim Marmaridis - Directly from Greece, who will be entertaining us tonight.
  12. Antonis Lyra's and his musicians with Laika and our Pontian musicians, 'Mavrothalasites.'

The festivities also included a raffle, with the proceeds intended to acquire new costumes for Pontiaki Estia.

Pontiaki Estia's 47th Birthday Dance was a night to remember, filled with laughter, music, and a strong sense of community. The presence of distinguished guests from various organizations and the heartfelt appreciation for the mothers and contributors emphasized the collective commitment to preserving the Pontian heritage.

Through captivating performances and the joy of celebration, the event served as a reminder of the rich cultural tapestry woven by Pontian traditions. As the evening drew to a close, the echoes of unity and reverence continued to resonate, ensuring that the Pontian spirit would thrive for years to come.

Photos by Kostas Deves

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