Paris-Athens flight: Frenchman lifted flight attendant's skirt and spat at passengers

flight attendant Paris

He went beyond all limits, sexually harassing the flight attendant who tried to reason with him, the French passenger who upset the Paris-Athens flight last night , forcing the pilot to make an emergency landing in Thessaloniki.

According to Proto Thema, despite her young age, the flight attendant reacted calmly and followed protocol. She immediately notified the cabin supervisor, who in turn informed the captain. However, the French passenger, undeterred, continued to display provocative behaviour, not only against the crew members but also against the other passengers.

"At one point, he started spitting at us while we were trying to pass him to get to the toilet," one of the fellow passengers said.

It is noted that the flight attendant told the captain that the passenger in question did not appear to her to be drunk when he boarded the plane because he was on the phone.

According to reports, the captain did not leave the cabin, possibly giving the demented French passenger the right to continue his provocative and aggressive behaviour. It took the intervention of fellow passengers to calm the situation.

"They immobilised him and tied him to his seat, although it was preferable to lock him in the toilet," an experienced pilot told Proto Thema.

"The incident started about 45 minutes after we took off from Paris and until Albania they had it under partial control," said another passenger.

At Thessaloniki airport, 10 police officers managed to take the Frenchman's passport from his pocket. In fact, the police found out that he had defecated on himself and he was asked to change his clothes before getting off the plane.

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