Tsipras accuses Mitsotakis of imposing taxes on middle class

Alexis Tsipras Mitsotakis

SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance leader, Alexis Tsipras, accused the Mitsotakis government of imposing taxes on the middle class and vulnerable citizens.

Tsipras explained that his party did not propose an increase in taxation, as they accused him, but a reduction of indirect taxes.

"Official figures show that in 2022 the State collected 4.5 billion euros more revenues from VAT, representing Mitsotakis' tax raid against the middle class and the vulnerable. The government collected the money to finance the energy companies, the refining companies and the chain supply companies with the various 'passes'", Tsipras said speaking to "Radio Thessaloniki".

"What Mitsotakis says, that he has not increased taxes, is a big lie," he underlined.

Meanwhile, Mitsotakis thanked the citizens of Nea Ionia for the fight they gave together and the great victory of May 21, speaking at a gathering of citizens during his visit to the area.

He underlined that the issue of the upcoming elections is whether the course of recovery and modernisation of the country will continue.

"I want to make the big changes together so that our country will finally be able to change course," said the New Democracy leader. "We have achieved a lot. We can achieve much more. I firmly believe that especially in the economy, the best days are ahead of us."

"Greece needs a stable government that can deal with the major geopolitical challenges of the region," he stressed.

Mitsotakis also asked for the preservation of unity, rejection of toxicity and an emphasis on correct political speech during the pre-election period.

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