Nikos Vertis: Fights at his concert - Security abruptly threw a fan who went on stage (VIDEO)

Nikos Vertis

Nikos Vertis had an awkward moment during his concert in Limassol, Cyprus for the 20 years of his career.

It all started when a fan of his went on stage to be close to the singer. Seconds later and when the organisers noticed him, security guards in the area rushed to remove the man from the stage.

However, the way they did it was abrupt, as seen in a video released on TikTok. In this particular clip, the men appear to abruptly push the Nikos Vertis fan from the stage towards the audience, causing the popular singer's reaction.

Watch the video:

μόνο αγάπη #βέρτης #tsireio #mpesfypgamw #vertis #limassol #cy

♬ original sound - margarita

Nikos Vertis, when he saw what was happening, interrupted the program, to emphasise that: "We only have thousands of hugs for you, let's not alienate the world in this way."

βέρτη θεέ 🫶 #βέρτης #tsireio #mpesfypgamw #vertis #limassol #cy

♬ original sound - margarita

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