Kavala: 7 months in prison for parents who beat their child when he told them he's gay


Two parents were sentenced to a 7-month suspended prison sentence by a court in Kavala for beating their gay child.

The criminal procedure was initiated against them after a complaint from their child. The two parents were charged with simple bodily harm to a vulnerable person and threatening a vulnerable person.

All this allegedly occurred at the family's home in February 2023, as reported by Proini News.

The reason for the episodic relationship, as stated during the trial, is that the underage child of the family declared to his parents that he is homosexual. Due to this, there were tensions in the family, resulting the child appealing to the court and the police for protection.

From his first complaints onwards, it was decided that everyone should visit a psychologist once a week, which continues. However, since it seems that the tensions continued, there was also the criminal procedure, after a complaint to the police.

The court summoned the minor child, who was watching the trial, to testify. The child's testimony was made after the testimony of his parents. Among other things, the child testified: "My father accepts and tolerates me. My mother is struggling. I don't want them to be punished."

However, he confirmed in his testimony the incidents of the case file.

In her testimony, the mother apologised to her child. And she added: "We are trying..."

The prosecutor's proposal requested a change of charge from causing bodily harm to attempted bodily harm. Ultimately both defendants were acquitted of this charge.

They were asked to plead guilty to the threat, which the court accepted by imposing a 7-month suspended prison sentence on both the father and the mother.

The judge of the court advised the parents to fully restore their relations with their child and solve the problems through dialogue.

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