Komotini: 360kg man complains that the ambulance refuses to take him to the hospital


Sherif Siahin, who lives in Komotini, has been subject to unprecedented suffering for years and complains that because of his weight, even the ambulance refuses to provide him with services, as he weighs... 360 kg, which makes it impossible to transport him to the hospital by ambulance.

The problem came to light recently when the 58-year-old had to be hospitalised. "From 112 they always tell him that he is overweight, and that's why they don't send him an ambulance," complains the lawyer to ThessToday.gr.

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The 58-year-old man is confined to his bed and with the sole support of his wife, he is trying to survive while at the same time the National Health System itself is abandoning him, since the 58-year-old's oversized physique effectively "forbids" his movement.

This is a particularly problematic situation, as it is strange that in the year 2023 the National Health System has not found a way to serve even these patients. As a result of this situation, he often turns to private health.

"The man is suffering as no hospital accepts to treat him, while the only thing that happens is that a doctor is sent to him every now and then to take blood," complains his lawyer, while underlining the immediate need for help to a bedridden person.

"[He] intermittently hurts and needs a doctor to give him an injection to get relief," the lawyer explains.

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As the 58-year-old has received approval to follow a proposed treatment from the University Hospital of Rio, which he cannot apply yet as he will first have to undergo some special tests in a hospital that the medical facilities in his city does not have.

"The previous doctor at the hospital had suggested a treatment to lose weight - this can only be done at the University Hospital of Rio - and even with an extrajudicial letter sent by the lawyer Nikos Antoniadis to come and get him, the hospital responded positively. However, he ordered special tests which must be done in an organised hospital. This, however, must be done by the Komotini hospital. Something, which hasn't happened, while some time has passed," his lawyer emphasised.

The University Hospital of Rio, after the out-of-court hearing of his previous lawyer, sent him a response in which he mentioned, among other things, a series of tests to which the 58-year-old Sherif had to undergo, while at the same time recording data on the assessment of his clinical condition.

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