Xanthi: French anarchist tore the Quran in a mosque

Xanthi mosque ripped Koran Quran anarchist

On Thursday afternoon, police officers arrested a 60-year-old French anarchist at the thermal baths in Myki, Xanthi, for tearing the Quran and removing a curtain from the mosque, which he then put on his head and walked around the village. Residents of the village informed the authorities.

According to Xanthi News, the man is a French-Bulgarian, who was in the area without travel documents.

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Xanthi mosque ripped Koran Quran

Xanthi mosque ripped Koran Quran

Xanthi mosque ripped Koran Quran

The General Secretary of Religious Affairs Giorgos Kalatzis issued an announcement about the incident: "The disrespectful acts, which took place in a Mosque in the wider area of ​​Xanthi, are absolutely condemnable without asterisks, they cause particular sadness to all of us, but, at the same time, they steel our will to continue on the same path of absolute respect for the religious freedom of our fellow Muslim citizens of Thrace, which is guaranteed by the Constitution of Greece."

"Many congratulations are due to the Greek Police who intervened immediately, arrested the foreign perpetrator and the automatic procedure of the law is already being followed. Respect for the places of worship of every religious community is a non-negotiable value for Greece," he added.

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