Kastellorizo ​​is "crowded" for the wedding of Andreas Liveris' son - Billionaires, yachts and speedboats arrive on the island


The picturesque port of Kastellorizo has been crowded since Friday morning, with the luxury yachts and speedboats of the wedding guests of Anthony Liveris and Amelia MacKinnon moored inside and outside the port.

According to Proto Thema, the patriarch of the family, Andreas Liveris, and his wife Paola, have been on the island since the beginning of the week. In fact, the Greek-Australian declared his happiness with the decision of his son to marry in Kastellorizo, where the history of his family began in 1910.

Andreas and Paola Liveri with their children, Nikos, Alexandra and Antonis
Andreas and Paola Liveri with their children, Nikos, Alexandra and Anthony.

Afterwards, Anthony and Amelia arrived on the island, to arrange all the last details. The two of them, together with the planners, took over the decorations and the entire organisation at the port and at the church of Agios Georgios of Pigadiou, where the ceremony will take place on Saturday.

So far no one knows the exact time of the wedding, while everyone determines it just before sunrise, where the colours in the picturesque harbor are unique.

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The whole ceremony will take place in the outside courtyard of the church with a view of the endless blue. Large arrangements of seasonal flowers will be set up there, which in combination with the large candles and lanterns will give an aristocratic air.

It is widely heard on the island that among the guests will be the former president of the USA, Barack Obama and his wife Michelle, with whom Andreas Liveris has excellent relations.

Love with a happy ending

The couple met in February 2021 in Sydney and have been living a whirlwind romance ever since.

Their common decision, from the very beginning of their acquaintance and as soon as they realised how well they fit, was not to let the time pass unexploited. This is why last May they decided to get engaged, taking the first step and formalising their relationship.

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Anthony Liveris is the CEO of Proto Axiom, the largest biotechnology company in Australia. Amelia McKinnon works as a Business Development Manager at Pinnacle Investment Management, specialising in investment management.

The couple last August was in the Australian media spotlight, as they were behind the purchase - through auction - of a house in Eastern Sydney, specifically in the Edgecliff suburb.

Specifically, by paying the amount of $10.2 million, they became the new owners of a property with five bedrooms, three bathrooms and a heated swimming pool in the green garden.

The auction, which featured four major bidders, had started with a bid of $9 million. Finally the property passed into the hands of the couple, as in the last phase they offered the most.

Until then, 31-year-old Anthony Liveris kept an apartment in one of Sydney's impressive towers, specifically in the Macquarie Apartments complex, while Amelia lived with her brother in the expensive Paddington district.

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