Elections 2023 Opinion Poll: New Democracy at 41.4% with 163 seats

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An increase in the percentage of New Democracy in relation to the result of the May ballot is given by the vote estimate in a new poll by Opinion Poll for the June elections.

The party of Kyriakos Mitsotakis is estimated to gather 41.4% (from 40.7% in the May elections), with SYRIZA registering at 20.2% (from 20.07% in May).

PASOK appears at 11% (11.45%), the KKE 7.5% (7.2%), the Hellenic Solution 4.1% (4.45%). On the other hand, outside Parliament, the poll for the The Toc shows MeRA25 with 2.8% and the Spartans with 1.5%.

1 54

Based on the average value of the vote estimate, which for New Democracy starts from 38.6% and reaches 44.2%, the party of Kyriakos Mitsotakis appears to secure independence of 163 seats.

SYRIZA, which may drop to 18% but also reach 22.4%, will have 55 MPs, for PASOK the average vote estimate gives 30 seats, for KKE 20 MPs, for Hellenic Solution 12 MPs, 11 MPs for Freedom Sailing and 9 for the NIKI party.

2 40

In the table for the intention to vote on the valid candidates, New Democracy collects 37.7%, SYRIZA 18.4%, PASOK 10%, KKE 6.8%, and Hellenic Solution 3.8%.

3 37

In the "pure" voting intention, the ND collects 36.1%, SYRIZA 17.6%, PASOK at 9.6%, KKE at 6.5%, and Hellenic Solution at 3.6%.

4 25

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