Despina Vandi: "I experience both romance and love with Vasilis Bisbikis"

Despina Vandi

Despina Vandi gave a comprehensive interview, and among other things, she talked about her two children, Melina and Giorgos, her love affair with Vasilis Bisbikis, and the negative comments she occasionally receives on social media.

In more detail, to InStyle magazine, Despina Vandi made it clear that for her, the wishes of her children matter above all and not what she wants for them.

She argued that for her love and romance are not separate things as she experiences them at the same time, and finally clarified that he has learned not to deal with malicious comments.

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When asked how she protects her children from the public eye, the well-known singer said: "First of all, I am very proud of my children and the very close relationship we have between us. I have devoted many 'working hours' to their growth.

"I haven't regretted this for a moment, as now I see two children firmly on their feet. They know from babies that popularity is a part of our lives, just as they know the truth that exists beyond it. I have complete confidence in them in everything they do."

"It doesn't matter what I want, but what Melina and George want, what they dream of and how they want to build their future.

"When my daughter left for London, I told her, 'You're going to untangle your own life and take it wherever you want. You're going to chart your own path. What you love, that's what you follow,'" she said in relation to the dreams of her children.

"My children are free to choose and do whatever they want. I believe that no child at these ages can really know 100% what they want to do with their whole life. And I, from law and IT, became a singer.

"I wouldn't call him refreshing, as you put it, at all. I'm just sharing my truth. Why should I have to separate them? And love and love I experience."

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"And I would answer you: What does it concern us what everyone does in his life, as long as it does not harm ours? What does age have to do with it, what does sexual identity have to do with it, what does it matter if she's married or not, if she's had a child or not?

"What should concern us is how we ourselves will become better people, first of all for ourselves and by extension for our children, our colleagues, our friends and for the social group in which we coexist. To grow up with values, magnanimity and kindness.

"Our personal happiness should concern us and, above all, we should satisfy our personal expectations and not the expectations of others," supplied the singer.

Finally, in relation to the mischief that exists on social networks, Despina Vandi said: "The haters on the internet are many, very many. They are the ones who rush to comment negatively on every move and appearance of public figures.

"As a woman, how do you respond to such people, who comment and criticise anyone who takes care of their image in any way? Personally, I don't reply to any comments, let alone that I often don't read them.

"From the moment you are exposed, whether it is called the internet, or television, or stage, it follows – and I am used to it – that there will be some who will comment negatively. I'm not busy."

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