Greece won bronze at the Men's European Bowling Championships!

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The Greek national team (Anastasis Exarchou, Nikos Kayaloglou, Vangelis Krizinis, Yiannis Xydas, Giorgos Stefanidis, Nikos Serelis), under the guidance of Nikos Boufesis, secured a place on the podium at the European Bowling Championships.

Although they did not make it against France, being defeated with a score of 1153-1024 (Krizinis: 254 korynes, Kagialoglou: 225, Exarchou: 194, Xydas: 182, Stefanidis: 169), the Greek national team shared the bronze medal with the Netherlands.

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Sweden became European champion, beating France in the final with a score of 1127-1104.

It was the second Greek medal in this year's European Championship, after Vangelis Krizini's bronze in the Men's Individual, but also the overall fourth for our country in the event, an element that turned this year's European participation into the most successful of all time for Greek bowling.

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The curtain fell on the European Championship in Wittelsheim with the participation of Krizini in the Masters, where he took 17th place, as he was defeated in the 1st round by the Italian Nicola Pongolini.

The Greek champion had entered the privileged 24 of the Masters having the 11th best overall average (229.8) in all of his 24 games in the tournament.

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