Cyprus rules out arms shipments to Ukraine for its own security

Cyprus National Guard, T-80 tank

Cyprus does not plan to supply weapons to Ukraine because if it would leave the country unprotected, Cypriot President Nikos Christodoulides said at a press conference to report on the results of his first 100 days in power.

One of the journalists asked the president if the government is studying the possibility of negotiating an exchange or purchase of new weapons systems with other countries with the prospect of delivering Soviet-made weapons currently in service with the Cypriot National Guard to Ukraine.

"We cannot take any measure that leaves Cyprus defenceless. On the contrary, our own efforts (...) consist of increasing defence spending, strengthening the deterrence of the Republic of Cyprus and reaching 2% of the budget," Christodoulides replied.

He stated that his country would not supply T-80 tanks, armoured personnel carriers, or anti-aircraft missile batteries to the Ukrainian Armed Forces in exchange for more modern Western military technology.

Christodoulides asserted his administration won't "take any action that will leave Cyprus without a military."

The head of state described as "absolutely correct" the position of his nation, which maintains anti-Russian sanctions, and declared a "zero tolerance" policy towards individuals or companies who may violate sanctions against Russia.

These remarks follow the release of a list from the US and the UK that named Cypriot lawyers, businessmen, and companies as part of a "network of sanctions evasion."

Christodoulides emphasised that Cyprus remains a "trustworthy business and financial centre."

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