Nafplio: Voter appeared at the ballot box again with his donkey and became viral (VIDEO)

Nafplion, donkey, greek elections 2023

A farmer in Nafplio went on Sunday to vote, and in this election, as in the previous ones, with his beloved donkey by his side.

He himself believes that there is no suitable party in Greece to express him, and so he repeated this original protest, that is, to come with his donkey to vote.

"This time, I came only with Doris the donkey as a protest because the politicians, at least for the last decade, are indifferent to everything. All they care about is keeping their position by cheating the voters," the farmer said.

"I hope at some point this will stop because the people are not naïve, and we will be led to unpleasant things," he added.

The 50-year-old farmer maintains a small farm with horses and domestic animals in the Lefkakia area, a Municipality of Nafplion municipal community.

See the video:

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