Alleged Road Rage Attack Leaves Greek Australian Victim with Devastating Injuries and Uncertain Future

John Totsis above with Liezl Rubillos

A seasoned magistrate expresses shock at the severity of an alleged road rage attack, describing it as the 'worst' he has ever encountered. The victim's family, meanwhile, fears that he may never be able to resume his role as a bus driver.

The incident occurred in Belmore on Sunday, May 28, when 34-year-old Din Decevic, driving a Ford Raptor, allegedly assaulted John Totsis, a father-of-two and owner of a Hyundai Getz. Decevic was apprehended the following day in Lakemba and was denied bail due to an ongoing stalking charge involving another individual.

Authorities are investigating whether there was a prior altercation between Decevic and Totsis at a nearby gym, Belmore Plus Fitness, before Totsis headed home between 7 pm and 7.15 pm. According to police accounts, Totsis stopped his car near the corner of Peel and Bridge streets in Belmore, stepped out, and was subsequently assaulted by Decevic, who parked his Ford Raptor behind the Hyundai. The assault allegedly continued even after Totsis fell to the ground.

As a result of the attack, Totsis suffered skull fractures and a cerebral hemorrhage, and he may never be able to resume his job as a bus driver due to brain seizures. Vicki Totsis, his sister, stated that he has no recollection of the incident.

Alleged Road Rage Attack Leaves Greek Australian Victim with Devastating Injuries and Uncertain Future 1

Totsis will soon be transferred to a brain injury rehabilitation facility one month after the alleged attack. Vicki Totsis raised questions about the possible personal nature of the attack and whether it originated during her brother's late afternoon workout. She also mentioned that a Good Samaritan passing motorist provided CPR at the scene.

Belmore Plus Fitness reviewed its CCTV footage but found no evidence of any suspicious behaviour or confrontations involving Totsis. According to a spokesperson, Totsis appeared to be engaging in normal conversations and interacting with several individuals that afternoon.

After a three-week investigation, detectives arrested Decevic, who was subsequently remanded in custody and denied bail in a subsequent release application.

Liezl Rubillos, Totsis' partner and a high school science teacher, expressed her anguish over his condition. She is currently in the Philippines awaiting the processing of her Australian visa, preventing her from being by Totsis' side during this difficult time.

The Totsis family had raised concerns about any potential events that occurred before the incident when Totsis was at Belmore Plus Fitness, but the gym's CCTV footage did not reveal any unusual behaviour.

John Totsis' family, including his devastated sons, are now coming to terms with his long road to recovery.

The case against Decevic will continue in court at a later date

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