Lionel Messi became Greek, Turkish and Somali with the help of artificial intelligence

Lionel Messi Artificial Intelligence

Lionel Messi turned 36 a few days ago and celebrated it in his home country, Argentina.

Messi led his country's national team to win the 2022 World Cup in Qatar and significantly increased his fan base worldwide. He is considered by many to be the GOAT of the sport and is adored in Europe, Asia, America and Africa.

A user on Tik Tok (@charactercraze), wanting to show that the Argentine is... global, decided with the help of artificial intelligence to give him the face of a Greek, Turkish, Chinese, Somali, and many other peoples.

His transformations are sometimes successful and sometimes unsuccessful but the result is nice. Messi is very good as a Turk and also as an Afghan.

From traditional hairstyles to traditional clothing of each country, the AI-generated portraits offer a unique perspective of what Messi would look like in different parts of the world.

See the photos:

Lionel Messi as a Russian
Lionel Messi as a Saudi.
Lionel Messi as a German
Lionel Messi as a Indian
Lionel Messi as a French
Lionel Messi as a Chinese
Lionel Messi as a Afghan
Lionel Messi as a Turk
Lionel Messi as a Greek
Lionel Messi as a Somali
Lionel Messi as a Hungarian

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