France in flames: Thousands arrested, hundreds of cops hurt as Macron scrambles to take control

France Riots

President Macron has blamed social media among other things for stoking the violence that has spread across France for four days following the shooting death of a teenager.

Marseille remains the main focus of riots, looting and violence in France. This night alone, the French police arrested more than 500 vandals, most of them in Marseille after committing crimes such as theft and destruction of private property, as seen in this video.

French police HQ authorizes the use of drones in Paris and in certain other municipalities from this evening amid unrest

The French police have released the official figures for the fifth night of nationwide riots:

  • 577 cars set ablaze
  • 74 buildings burned down
  • 719 rioters and looters arrested
  • 45 police officers wounded

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