HOPLITE: The Hellenic Armoured Vehicle is ready for production

HOPLITE greek armoured vehicle

A NATO country is interested in acquiring 700 Hoplite armoured vehicles...

About two years ago, a new military vehicle called the Hoplite appeared. It is a multi-role vehicle that has the ability to change character in a few minutes and transform from a personnel transport vehicle to... a fire engine, etc.

This was developed and manufactured in Thessaloniki by the EODH (ENGINEERING OFFICE DEISENROTH HELLAS) company, which has been active for more than 20 years in the field of defence and technology.

In fact, reported News Auto, the company in question is the one that manufactures the armour for Leopard tanks and for four countries - Germany, Greece, Hungary and Norway.

Ready to deal

In the last two years, many efforts have been made by EODH regarding Hoplite in order to produce and supply NATO armies around the world. The vehicle has been presented and tested by the Greek army, it has received a very high rating, but the agreement to supply the army with it has not gone ahead.

Despite all this, the Greek company is preparing within the year to proceed with an agreement with a NATO country (toward the end of 2023), in order to supply it with 700 units. The question is where the production will take place, i.e. in Greece or in the country that will order it.

Two countries want Hoplite's rights

The aim of the EODH is to produce all the vehicles in Thessaloniki, or at least 300 of the 700 that will probably be manufactured.

Note that the Greek vehicle is equipped with a 6.7-litre engine that produces 300 hp and produces 1,100 Nm of torque. Its autonomy exceeds 700 kilometres as the tank capacity reaches 300 litres. Its design is such that it can operate in temperatures from -23°C to +49°C.

The interest in Hoplite does not stop only at the sale in Greece or other countries as there is interest in its rights and in fact not from one but from two European countries.

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