Thessaloniki: Four Pakistanis held their compatriot hostage and demanded €7,000 ransom

police car immigrant Pakistani

Police officers from the Toumba Security Department in Thessaloniki investigated a hostage and extortion case involving a 41-year-old Pakistani as a victim that had developed in December 2021.

As it turned out, the 41-year-old's apartment in Toumba had been invaded by four of his compatriots from Pakistan, who threatened not to let him leave unless he paid 7,000 euros.

The four accused are Pakistanis aged 37, 34, 23 and 25, against whom, as well as against another accomplice, a case file was made for illegal detention, extortion, bodily harm and violation of the Arms Act.

According to the police announcement on the investigation of the crime, "in December 2021 they entered the apartment of the 41-year-old, and with the use of physical violence and the threat of a sharp object, they extorted him, demanding that he pay them the sum of 7,000 euros to release him."

The case against the four Pakistanis was submitted to the competent Prosecutor.

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