Work equality for Greek women still lags, survey finds

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Working women in Greece are paid less, have lower representation in executive positions and still face several stereotypes in their jobs, a survey by the Federation of Hellenic Enterprises said on Thursday.

The survey showed that the average gross wage of a full-time job for women was 1,115 euros, 13% less than men (1,284 euros), a 53% of enterprises have zero or very limited (up to 15%) women participation in their boards. 11% do not trust a woman in charge of any department of an enterprise.

The survey, which was presented to the general assembly of the Federation, also showed that 9 out of 10 enterprises agreed that sex equality was very important, although 83% have no specific targets, nor they followed any specific indices on equality.

Women account for 51.7% of the population and 47.6% of total workers in the country (2022 figures), but they have a significantly higher unemployment rate (64.2%).

Dimitris Papalexopoulos, president of the Federation, said it was extremely important to support enterprises and to offer the necessary tools to help them realise that the equality issue was a factor of survival, development and establishing a relation of trust with society.

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