Tibetan Parliamentary Advocacy Underway in France

Lhasa Tibet

Tibetan parliamentary delegation consisting of parliamentarians Khenpo Jamphal Tenzin, Lopon Thupten Gyaltsen, and Dorjee Tseten continued their Tibet advocacy in France from 2nd to 4th July 2023.

Tibetan MPs accompanied by representative Rigzin Choedon Genkhang of the office of Tibet (Brussels) reached Paris, France on 2nd July 2023. Upon their arrival, the MPs were received by Tibetan MP Thupten Gyatso from Europe, secretary Thupten Tsering (France Coordinator for Bureau du Tibet Brussels), Tibetan community members, regional Chu-Shi-Gang-Druk, regional Utsang association, etc.

On that day, they paid a visit to a weekend school of the Tibetan community there in the morning and held a public talk in the afternoon with almost 200 Tibetans in attendance. They also engaged with the public in a Q&A session following the public talk.

The next day, the delegates paid a courtesy visit to Jean Luc-Romero Michel, the Deputy Mayor of Paris, and apprised him on the Sino-Tibetan conflict after presenting him with some Tibet related books and documents. The Deputy Major, who was well aware of the human rights violations happening inside Tibet under Chinese rule, assured his full support to Tibet and deepest reverence to His Holiness the Dalai Lama while speaking on the bond shared between Tibet and France. Later on the same day, the Tibetans MPs held an internal meeting with the members of regional NGOs.

On 4th July, the MPs called upon Dephine Borione, Ambassador for Human Rights responsible for international issues at the Ministry of External Affairs, and apprised her of the ever critical situation inside Tibet and presented her with the documents on Tibet. The Ambassador for Human Rights said that she has been aware of the human rights situation in Tibet and has always been very concerned about it – irrespective of any external pressure.

Thereafter, the Tibetan lawmaker had a lunch meeting with Senators Jacqueline Eustache-Brinio – President of the International information group on Tibet, a formal friendship group in the French Senate – and Senator Else Joseph, and others. Their meeting discussed the future course of actions for the Tibetan struggle and exchanged ideas.

Later in the evening, the Tibetan MPs had a meeting with the director of the Asia section of external affairs and discussed political and environmental issues in Tibet including discrimination against Tibetans, environmental destruction, and others. They made clear that the Sino-Tibet conflict is an international issue, Tibetans are not a minority race but a distinct race from Han, and Tibet was historically an independent nation. The director expressed his concern and distress on the Sino-Tibetan conflict and said he is well aware of Tibet’s situation which is getting more concerning especially due to China’s expansionist policy.

During the advocacy, the Tibetan MPs were accompanied by Tibetan MP Thupten Gyatso from Europe, Secretary Thupten Tsering, Tibetan supporter Celine Menguy, and staff Jigme.

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