Lorenzo Quinn: The son of the legendary "Zorba" actor is in Athens

Lorenzo Quinn

The son of the legendary "Zorba" Anthony Quinn, Lorenzo, was in Athens for the opening of the exhibition of works of art with his signature, which for a few days now adorn the exterior and interior spaces of the Four Season Astir Palace Hotel on the Athenian Riviera.

The works, some of which have a mechanism and rotate, have transformed the hotel into a modern "temple" of art.

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Lorenzo Quinn is an Italian visual artist, former actor and one of the thirteen children born to Anthony Quinn. He was born in Rome on May 7, 1966, and grew up between Italy and the USA.

His works have been placed in Shanghai, St. Petersburg, New York, Singapore, Monaco and other cities worldwide.

But the creation that caused a great sensation was "Support", two giant nine-metre-high hands that came out of the water and held the wall of the hotel "Ca Sagredo" on the Grand Canal of Venice, a work that was installed there for the Biennale of 2017.

Quinn supports many charities. Proceeds from the sale of his sculpture Friendship Fish went to environmental causes. He was a Young Artists Patron for Unesco. He donated the sculpture Hope to the Blind Museum (Museo Tiflológico) in Madrid, Spain. He also designed the Children In Need award which was awarded to Heather Mills and Phil Collins in 2005.

Quinn co-owns the Italian restaurant Galeria Gastronomica in Barcelona, which is also the setting for many of his sculptures. Most of the restaurant's hardware items, such as the cutlery, were designed by him

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