Parliament - Vote for expatriates: Obstacles are removed, all Greeks will be able to participate in the elections

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"At the beginning of next week we will post a law for public consultation with an article that will remove all obstacles," the Prime Minister stressed and has over 200 MPs in favor of the new law.

The Prime Minister of Greece, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, has given special emphasis to the expansion of the possibilities to facilitate the vote of expatriates during his second reading in the Parliament, in the debate on the program statements of the government.

He committed himself to immediate actions and specifically emphasized that at the beginning of the coming week “we are putting up for public consultation a law with an article that will remove all obstacles to the vote of the Greek diaspora”.

With this legal arrangement, all Greeks abroad who are registered in the electoral rolls can participate in the electoral process from wherever they live.

The Minister of the Interior, Niki Kerameos, spoke, for her part, of a "historic opportunity".

The post of the Minister of the Interior: " Next week we are putting a new law for public consultation so that all expatriate Greek citizens can exercise their right to vote WITHOUT restrictions from wherever they are. The opportunity and responsibility of all MPs is historic".

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