New Identity Cards coming in September

identity cards

The new identity cards will be available very soon, according to Citizen Protection Minister Notis Mitarachis.

The new identity cards in the size of a credit card will be issued from mid-September for those who take them out now, the minister said in speaking to ERT on Monday.

"Our goal is to present them to the general public at the International Exhibition of Thessaloniki in early September," he said, adding that their publication will begin the next day.

Regarding the old identity cards, he said that "they are valid for 10 years and as a travel document. Now this will be officially shown on the identity card.

"Passports used to be valid for five years, but last year we changed that. The logic will be in the future with a common application to reissue ID and passport every 10 years from the same systems.

"There is no intention to change the cost of issuing a new identity card, nor the cost of a passport."

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