Impressive Video: A beastly American plane crosses the bridge of Attica Odos at Athens Airport

C-5 Galaxy video

A video posted on TikTok in which a monstrous plane can be seen passing over Attiki Odos, on a bridge bound for the "Eleftherios Venizelos" airport, caused hundreds of comments.

According to sources at the airport, this is an American C-5 Galaxy transporter, with the arrivals of this type of aircraft being, according to the same sources, frequent at "El. Venizelos".

Watch the video:

According to the same sources, the specific aircraft are landing at "Eleftherios Venizelos" airport either for refuelling, or for technical reasons, or as part of NATO exercises.

In any case, the same sources from the Athens International Airport emphasised the bridge on which the American carrier moved was built with all the necessary specifications so that it can be used even by Antonov.

The C-5 Galaxy is designed and manufactured by Lockheed and is considered one of the largest military aircraft in the world.

Watch video: A ferocious American transporter crossed a bridge of Attica Odos

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