Rafaela Bella: The nurse who became the star of Greek erotic films

star Rafaella Bella

Rafaella Bella is known as the "rising star" of erotic films and belongs to a large Greek production company, while at the same time, she has her own show in a nightclub.

The blonde beauty who yesterday spoke to Stavros Theodorakis and the show "Protagonists" found herself in the position she is in today by making a big change in her life as she previously worked as a nurse.

In particular, she practised the profession for 11 whole years in a hospital in the Northern Suburbs when she made the decision to turn 180 degrees and become one of the most famous Greek heroines of erotic films.

Rafaella Bella started doing strip shows in a well-known club on Syngrou Avenue while working in the mornings as a nurse in a hospital: "I worked for 11 years in a well-known private hospital as a nurse. I started attending this club as a customer, and I really liked the club and the spectacle of the female and male strippers."

"There I met Christy White, who does a show in the club and is also the star of erotic films. That's how we started to hang out," she said in an interview.


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The now erotic star has also revealed that she has been "working" her body doing aerial hoops for several years.

“I talked to the bosses at the Strip Club on my own, they liked me and they hired me. I started doing striptease and shows. I did it alongside my job as a nurse for three months! In the morning I tired the patients and in the evening I did my show in the club!" Rafaella Bella explained.


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She has also explained that both the work as a dancer and the films are something she does because she likes them very much and not for financial reasons. "I have made my hobby a profession and I am very happy about it because now I feel liberated as a woman and as a person."

In fact, her colleagues were anything but surprised when she changed jobs to do what she really wanted.

As for her weakness, the bombshell has stated that it is the police, while as she has said she would like her new film to be about uniformed people.

She also talked about her work, about the moments of pleasure she receives through the movies, while she also emphasised the difference that her climax has, experiencing it through her partner.

"In the film you have moments of pleasure, pleasure. If you don't enjoy what you do, nothing good will come of it. There is an orgasm but not 100%. You have a lot on your mind at that time," Rafaella Bella said.

On how her partner reacted to the work she chose to do, she replied: “How the partner will accept it is a very difficult part. If he doesn't process it a bit himself it's very difficult for him to accept it. When he sees what it's like, he starts and says, 'OK, it's a job.'

"When they ask me what I do, I say that I am a dancer and an actress in erotic films. Difficult. I say it without shame, it's not a bad thing," she said afterwards.

Finally, regarding how her family accepted it, she replied: “I grew up in a conservative environment. I went to church every Sunday. My family took it badly. Our relations are now formal."

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