Greek heatwave rages on - Acropolis closes in the afternoon today but shops are open

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The opening hours of the Acropolis have been modified today, July 16, due to the heatwave, but shops remain open.

The Ephorate of Antiquities of the City of Athens announced yesterday that today the archaeological site of the Acropolis will suspend its operation during the noon hours, with the last entry at 11:30 and resumption of operation at 17:30.

It is noted that the Ancient Agora and the Kerameikos areas will remain in operation, and it is possible to visit the Archaeological Museums there.

It is reminded that on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the Acropolis operates with reduced hours due to the weather conditions.

The shops will be open today as the summer sales are in progress.

According to the opening hours proposed by the Athens Chamber of Commerce, shops can operate today from 11 am to 4 pm.

As stated in the ESA announcement, "since the start of this year's summer sales, there has been an oversupply of products, big discounts and strong buying interest, and for this reason, we encourage consumers to take advantage of the really low prices by making purchases that will cover their actual Needs".

The opening hours of shopping centres and department stores will be different, which will open at the same time (11:00) but will remain open until 8 at night.

As reminded by the Hellenic Confederation of Trade and Entrepreneurship (ESEE) for the summer sales that started last Monday, in addition to listing the old and new reduced price of the goods and services sold at a discount, the listing and commercial communication of a percentage is also allowed discount.

Furthermore, if a reduced price is provided for more than 60% of all items sold, the demonstration of the provided discount percentage is required. The percentage of the discount should be indicated on the shop window and in any other commercial communication.

In the event that there are different discount rates per product category, the range of the provided rate should be indicated ("from ... % to ... %"). However, in any other case, it will be stated that the discounts apply to selected items, with reference to the corresponding percentage.

The way the discounted price is calculated and displayed must be true and not inaccurate. In fact, shopkeepers should – in the event of an audit – be able to prove that the old selling price on the sign corresponds to reality.

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