Greek social media users outraged by latest Despina Vandi-Vasilis Bisbikis photos - "All of Greece is burning..."

Vasilis Bisbikis, Despina Vandi

In the last few hours, with Greece hit by big fires and firefighters and volunteers battling superhumanly to save life and property, Despina Vandi and Vasilis Bisbikis have not stopped uploading photos from their holidays, a fact that did not go unnoticed by their fans.

As many point out, they would expect public figures to show empathy and social sensitivity.

People have expressed their opinion about the couple's choice to upload pictures carefree showing that they are having a great time at the same time as Greece is being ravaged by huge fires.

"It's a bit strange at this time to be uploading so many photos like this," one person wrote.

"The world is burning here and...," commented another.

"Your country is burning...and you are a seesaw," said a third.

"To your nightmare in general...What can you say" commented another account, with another follower noting: "The world is losing its homes and you are causing... pity but as it lifted you up so it will bring you down."

"The whole of Greece is burning, and you are on fire. What to say, there are no words. Neon yoke,” one person pointed out in the comments.

Look at the photos:

Despina Vandi july 2023

Despina Vandi july 2023

Vasilis Bisbikis

Despina Vandi july 2023

Despina Vandi july 2023

Meanwhile, West Attica and Loutraki passed another difficult night between Tuesday and Wednesday morning, with the wildfires that have been raging since Monday, 17 July, burning houses and destroying the natural environment in their passing.

In Dervenochoria, the blaze headed towards Vlychada during the night and was still burning on Wednesday, despite the huge efforts to contain it.

The Fire Brigade was also struggling with the flames throughout the night in Loutraki and managed to prevent the fire from passing over to the lower side of the Athens-Corinth motorway.

At the same time, firefighting forces prevented the fire from reaching the refineries.
The state of the wildfire that broke out on Tuesday afternoon in a forest on Rhodes also remained difficult.

Firefighting aircraft and helicopters took off at first light and started dropping water. Specifically, five aircraft and eight helicopters were operating in Dervenochoria, one of which had a coordinating role.

Four aircraft and three helicopters, one of them serving a coordinating role, were operating in Loutraki and another three aircraft and one helicopter were battling the Rhodes wildfire.

The Coast Guard was also on standby in case people need to be evacuated via the sea.

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