Update On Forest Fire Situation in Greece

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The Hellenic Fire Service is providing an update on the current status of forest fires in different regions of Greece:

Western Attica: In the northern part of the Stefani settlement, west of Panakto, Pournari, Panorama, as well as near Gogoepikoou and Vlichada, the primary sources of active fires are observed, originating from Dervenochoria. The fire has approached the residential areas of Megara and Kandili, posing a significant threat to local homes.

Rhodes: The fire that ignited yesterday afternoon remains uncontrolled and continues to ravage the central forest of the island. Prompt action has been taken to evacuate the village of Apollona, along with Salako, Eleousa, and Dimilia, which were previously evacuated. Three regions on the island have declared a state of emergency to the Hellenic Civil Protection Ministry.

Lakonia: A fire has erupted in the nearby forest of the Lefkochoria region, close to Sparta. The situation in Pyri is currently critical, as the fire remains uncontrollable, requiring the continuous efforts of our firefighters to contain it.

According to reports from Civil Defense and the Fire Service, a total of 66 new fires have been recorded within the past 24 hours. Fortunately, most of the smaller fires have been successfully suppressed or brought under control at an early stage. Examples include incidents in Drama, Voiotia, Messinia, Achladochori Pellas.

The Hellenic Fire Service remains fully committed to combatting these fires, working tirelessly to protect lives, properties, and precious forest resources. We urge the public to remain vigilant, follow safety measures, and cooperate with authorities to ensure a swift and efficient response to these emergencies.

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