JOE ROGAN Has Chance Encounter With AXL ROSE At Restaurant In Greece

joerogan 12h Was in Greece on vacation and randomly ran into Axl Rose

Podcaster Joe Rogan had a chance encounter with Axl Rose at a restaurant in Greece over the weekend.

Earlier today, the host of "The Joe Rogan Experience" shared a photo of him with the GUNS N' ROSES singer, and he included the following message: "Was in Greece on vacation and randomly ran into Axl Rose at a restaurant. He invited us to see @gunsnroses in Athens, and it was F^&*%$* AMAZING. They went HARD for 3 hours in the blazing heat, and the crowd was incredible. If you have a chance to see them near you I can't recommend it enough."

As of this writing, Joe's post has received more than 600,000 likes in a little over 10 hours.

Back in 2017, Rogan praised Rose for "turn[ing] it around" after "fuck[ing his] life up" by "shooting his face up with a bunch of shit". During a conversation with SMASHING PUMPKINS frontman Billy Corgan on an episode of "The Joe Rogan Experience"Joe said: "The GN'R [story] is a fascinating one to me because Axl just went off the rails and into the woods for so long. Shooting his face up with a bunch of shit and looked like he was just gone; it looked like we'd lost him. To me, as a kid, GUNS N' ROSES' 'Welcome To The Jungle' was one of my all-time favourite songs when I was 18; it was amazing. Then to see them have this incredible success, Axl goes crazy.'

He continued: "One of the things that I really enjoy about Axl Rose is I love comebacks. I love when someone fucks their life up and brings it right back around.

"Success stories are awesome — [I] love them — but they're fairly commonplace. But success, complete fuckup, success again, those are the stories; those are the ones I enjoy.

"There were some performances of Axl maybe when he was touring on his own, where he was off, and he wasn't quite there yet, and now you see him live, and he's fucking killing it," Rogan added. "He turned it around."

Rogan, who inked an exclusive deal with Spotify in 2020, is known for offering controversial opinions on his podcast and speaking his mind. He has also been criticized for his friendliness with several right-wing personalities he has hosted on "The Joe Rogan Experience".

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