EU must listen to India and Global South respectfully and not lecture others

Indian flags

The EU parliament debated the Manipur issue in India. Honestly, 99% of EU parliament members will not know where on the map Manipur is. These preaching's in condescending tones will not go down well with India. Manipur is an internal issue of India. It is clear India has not meddled in EU affairs but EU is still patronising and condescending to others with colonial and imperial prism of racism.

This will hamper bilateral relationship and trade co-operation with a major rising superpower like India and to keep rising assertive China in check constantly. Indians feel the EU should stop bilateral mishaps of meddling in others affairs and these patronising tones, lectures will only make Global South Isolate EU.

The EU must also understand India is not a western country. India has it’s own values and culture. India has always been an independent thinking power without being anyone’s ally. India will not choose anyone’s camp and will choose itself so targeting India with broken record like lines on religious freedom, declining democracy, on minorities rights etc typical narratives will not work. India is too powerful for all this nonsense and regime change bullshit.

The world has changed today, India is a country of 1.4 billion, has 2.5 times the population of EU and is the world's largest democracy. Despite the vast diversity India is thriving as the worlds fastest growing economy, a major tech powerhouse and a military and a nuclear power on own without being a puppet to anyone like many EU states are to Washington. No country is perfect everyone has their own issues but these lectures and sermons don’t work when own EU house is on fire with war, inflation, racism, rising crime, recession, rising poverty etc.

It is really important to safeguard India - EU ties for long term interests with China in mind. The majority in EU are ill informed on India and Global South. The EU must listen to Global South first with empathy and respect rather than cribbing on lack of support on Ukraine with entitlement.

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