Fire conditions improving across Greece on Friday

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Firefighters battled fires that rekindled overnight in Magnesia, Rhodes, Lamia, Corfu and Karystos. According to the Fire Department, the picture on virtually all fronts was better on Friday morning.

Throughout the night, firefighters made great efforts to contain rekindled fires, while at the first light of day, they were also assisted by firefighting aeroplanes and helicopters.

As for the fire in Nea Anchialos, only a part of the ammunition storage camp of the 111th Fighter Wing in the Karamba area was affected, according to Hellenic Air Force sources.

The camp is about 6 kilometres north of the airport of Nea Anchialos. It was evacuated at about 17:45 when the fire approached, and, despite efforts, it wasn't easy to contain it.

It was emphasised that no human life was endangered.

Conditions were also better on the island of Rhodes on Friday. Fires rekindled during the night in the village of Vati but were dealt with immediately. The residents and visitors of the areas of Malona, Haraki, Massari, Asklipeio, Kiotari, Vati, Gennadi, Lachania, and Plimmyri were notified via the emergency number 112 that the danger due to the fires had passed and that they can return to the specific areas.

Residents and tourists of specific towns and villages in eastern Rhodes may return to their accommodations, the Climate Crisis & Civil Protection Ministry said through the emergency 112 system on Thursday.

Specifically, the following areas are safe from fires and evacuated persons may return:
Malona, Charaki, Massari, Asklipio, Kiotari, Vati, Gennadi, Lachania, and Plimmyri.

Regarding Corfu, according to the Fire Department, there was a better picture without particular problems, while the same applied to Karystos.

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