Eleni Foureira: The video with her 6-month-old son

Eleni Foureira

Eleni Foureira has been enjoying the role of mother in recent months after giving birth to her son with Alberto Botia in February.

Since then, the posts and references to the baby have not been many, but lately, she has uploaded a few snaps on her social media showing her approximately 6-month-old son.

The singer uploaded another relevant clip at noon on Monday, July 31. This time, she records with her cellphone camera the baby, from the time he sits in a unique chair and laughs.

Instead of commenting on the video, Eleni Foureira added a melting face emoji.

Watch the video:


Earlier, in mid-July Eleni Foureira uploaded another snapshot with the baby, in which she is with her son playing in the pool.

See the photo:


Eleni Foureira maintains one of the most popular accounts on Greek Instagram, counting 1.3 million followers.

Her posts mostly include pictures of her glamourous appearances, such as the snaps from the Mad Music Awards held a while back.

On Monday July 10, however, Eleni Foureira made a different post. Through Instagram story, she uploaded a video of herself talking to her audience, regarding her upcoming concert on the island of Rhodes.

In this particular clip, Eleni Foureira appeared without a trace of make-up, showing what her face looks like without wearing make-up, lipstick, blush and other cosmetics.

Watch highlights from the video:






Watch the video:

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