Mykonos: Power outage for 2 hours - Tourists with flashlights and candles (VIDEO)

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Mykonos was plunged into darkness due to a technical fault for more than two hours, but tourists tried to continue their fun and stroll in the now dark alleys in Matogiannia and Little Venice, according to Mega.

The restaurants faced the biggest problem, as it was peak time and the kitchens were extremely busy. Some luckier tourists, however, had sat in shops that had generators.

"Around 9:45 p.m., due to some technical failure of the network, there was a power outage that affected 2/3 of Mykonos and lasted until just before 12:00," said Iraklis Zisimopoulos, president of the Mykonos Businessmen's Association.

"Apparently, some businesses were affected, which were left without power at a time when they were in high demand, mainly restaurants," he added.

In fact, as residents and businessmen of the island say, this is not the first time there have been power outages. According to the professionals on the island, the interruption happened because yesterday there was apnea and heat and all the air conditioners were turned on.

"The whole world took it romantically, in some alleyways of Mykonos that were pitch black, so they walked with mobile phones, flashlights, shops put candles, some who had generators put on music," Zisimopoulos said.

"Okay, it was something that the foreigners had fun with, they were asking how long it would last because they were concerned about whether they would have air conditioners," president of the Mykonos Businessmen's Association continued.

Darkness and stench

But apart from the power outage, the tourists faced another problem the previous night. On Friday night, the old port was flooded with sewage which even reached the shops, while restaurants and cafes were empty.

Sewage also flooded the beach at Platis Gialos on Saturday morning, where dirt and stench washed everyone away from the sunbeds. As residents and agencies complain, the problem in the drainage system is chronic.

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