Lakis Gavalas had a wild party in Mykonos for his 71st birthday - Watch video

Lakis Gavalas

Lakis Gavalas celebrated his 71st birthday in Mykonos with his friends. The fashion designer spoke to Mykonos Live TV and was later seen in a well-known club on the island dancing and having fun with his friends to the sounds of the "Happy Birthday" song.

Among what he mentioned in his statements, Gavalas recalled the birthday he had celebrated while he was in prison.

"And in the prison where I was, we had celebrated my birthday there too, great! I had 2,300 people yelling Happy Birthday to me from the railing and singing," he initially stated.

Watch the video:

"I also did it as a profession in prison, since now I play in a serial that is in prison. The nicest prison was that  one because it is a huge prison. The world is imprisoned in the look, in the aesthetics. Everyone wants a towel and a beach," Lakis Gavalas added.

The post on Instagram for his birthday

In the post for his birthday, he uploaded via Instagram a photo of himself from the past, when he was still a child. In the caption of his post, he explained how grateful he is for his life experiences, while also thanking the people around him.

Specifically, he wrote: "Good evening world🙏🏼♥️‼️💎 On the day of the transformation of Sotiros, Mrs. Giovanna gives birth to the 5 kg Apostolos D. Gavalas.. ‼️🙏🏼♥️😇 Today after 7 decades, little Lakis grew up nicely, went up, went down, went up again with results wonderful Gluteal and thigh muscles😂 So I blow out 71 candles but I don't blow out any of my wonderful years full of experience joys sorrows loves friends material and mental goods and respect for my existence and those around me.. I thank my family my friends and partners who they make my life great.."

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Lakis Gavalas often occupies the media mainly because of his eccentric appearances. He has participated in shows and shows, sometimes as a judge and sometimes as a guest star.

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